Saturday, October 15, 2005

Days 153-155: Back to the source of the Donau

As you will see from the previous posting, we lost 150km due to our bike problem, so we rode 60km from Kelheim and caught a train from Ingolstadt to Ulm for the remaining 140km (only took 2 hours!!) to make up our lost time.

The weather has certainly changed in the last 3 weeks from the high temps we had been enjoying. We had a fantastic final week of weather - every day blue sky and cloudless. But we must also say that each day began with a VERY fresh fog, as you will see from the first photo.

The next photos are us getting excited (yet again) about the lovely autumn colours on the track - there´s one of Beuron in there for you Karl Bull.

Then you will see us back at the source of the Donau River in Donaueschingen, taken on Saturday 15th October. We´re full of smiles due to the FANTASTIC time we have had and all the blessings we´ve enjoyed.
Next day we caught a train to Frankfurt to begin preparing our rig for the return journey home. That is another story again - you´ll have to wait for the final posting to read about this wee technical glitch!!

We are leaving at midnight tonight Tues 18th October for Sydney and then straight up to Townsville on Thursday to see some kiwi friends for 5 days before heading back to Sydney for a couple of days to catch up with some local friends.