Saturday, October 08, 2005

Days 149-150: Salzburg to Bogen

Our route from Salzburg to Passau follows the Salzach River to the Inn River which then joins the Donau/Danube River. It´s great to get back on cruisy cycle routes and not to worry about traffic. There are lots of cyclists around - not touring cyclists but plenty of day trippers.

The first photo is taken of Burghausen(Germany) from Ach(Austria) - for most of one day we were in Austria with Germany on the other side of the river!!

Next photo is taken at Braunau on the Inn river where we stayed for a night, and the one after this is a foggy fresh morning start. Then you will see a neat village called Obernberg followed by Schärding. Schärding is where we developed a serious issue with our back wheel in the hub. We had to stop at Passau (next photo with the bridge) for the night to take our bike into a shop the next morning - you´ll see the bike in the shop waiting for help. Unfortunately we were given the advice that what was wrong would be okay until we got home - more on that in the next blog.

From Passau some of the route was familiar but we tried to ride on the other side of the river to get a different perspective from our first journey - this ferry obliged by getting us across - Carl thought he could give Sandy the slip this way!!