Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Day 152: Kaputt in Kelheim, Fixed by Florian

From Kelheim we had just 4 x 100km days to go to reach our target of 7500km for the trip. This was very achievable due to the flat gradient of the bike tracks. . . . .

Alas - we only travelled 4km the next morning - 2km until our hub "snapped" and 2km to push our bike back into town to find a bike shop. (Boy did Carl´s eyes light up when he saw all the goodies in Florian´s shop!!)

Florian is the owner of Bike Station Kelheim and he saved our bacon! The short story is that fixing the hub wasn´t our best option - we needed a new wheel and Florian had to order the right "bits" for us so he could build our wheel the next day. So we had to unpack again and spend another night in Kelheim. Florian did a great job of getting us underway at about midday next day - thanks Florian!!! You´re the man!!!