Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Day 145: Got half a day in Graz

We went via Graz to get a better train connection to Salzburg, so we had just half a day here in this city, which we believe to be the 2nd largest in Austria.

Check out the Kunsthaus Graz - also called the Friendly Alien - gallery.

We enjoyed the old architecture of Graz around the town squares, and were impressed with the wonderful cycle lanes throughout the city, although we don´t have a photo for you.

Next photo is a funky foot bridge right in the middle of the high flowing river. It has a cafe and a small open theatre (where you can see the people standing) as part of the design.

This is another view of the river from one of the bridges. We´ve managed to stay dry by heading this way, so we are keen to get back on the bike - more on this later . . . . .