Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Day 144: Maribor

Due to the "inclement" weather we left Ljubljana by train and headed to Maribor. We found a great restaurant complete with Hungarian dancing . . . .

We also found this cool 400 year old grape vine which is famous in Maribor.

Because of all the rain the rivers are running very high - this is the Drava river which we were originally planning to follow from Maribor. Next photo is what was a defence tower and a town market alongside the river.

Fortunately our tandem friends Veronika and Mitja whom we met on the ferry to Croatia (see previous photos in archives) made the trip up to Maribor to see us for a few hours in the afternoon. They live about an hour away and we had hoped to visit them in their home town, but we don´t have enough days left . . . . . It was great to see them again, and we are going to convince them somehow that they should come to NZ to cycle . . . .

The last photo is of our rig on the train in Maribor, Slovenia as we left that night to get to Graz, Austria.