Sunday, September 04, 2005

Days 113-114: Napflio & Epidavros

The Lonely Planet reckons Napflio to be the prettiest city in Greece. We couldn't get a close enough shot for you, but it was a lovely city. You can see in the distance the hilltop fortress with 1000 steps up to it, but after 100km with some 40km of climbing we didn't feel like it . . . . You can see the sea was a bit rougher that day, so the swimming wasn't quite so enticing . .
There is also a small fort on an island in the harbour and you'll see this in the second photo. Behind us is the range that we rode over to get to Napflio.
From Napflio we rode to Epidavros, home of the great Ancient Theatre. The acoustics are astounding - photo 4 is a chap dropping a coin on the stone and we could hear the sound very well from the top tier. You could also talk from below to above in a normal voice and be heard quite clearly.
The last photo is of an activity that we have enjoyed immensely in Greece . . . .