Sunday, August 28, 2005

Days 106-108: Greece is still great

Because I beat Carl at Olympia I let him win a round of 500 at the lovely seaside town of Kiparissia.
We have passed many lovely seaside villages like this one in Lembestena - lots of lovely water everywhere. It is very hard to keep biking because the water is so inviting that we keep wanting to jump right in!
En route to Methoni we found this cool place and were very tempted to stop here - Pilos is the third picture
Methoni is also on the sea (are you seeing the pattern??? ride, swim, ride, swim . .) and has this fantastic fortress.
From Methoni we headed toward Kalamata over a BIG hill (pictured below - looking back at the hill we climbed) - and we stopped for lunch at this lovely fishing village Koroni - see last 4 photos