Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Days 103-105: Greece is GREAT

Our first day in Greece we started on our anti-clockwise loop of the Peloponese - our cycling guide book described these 14 days as "murderous hills and magnificent scenery".
From Patras we cycled south to Kato Ahaio (first picture shows the scenery) and found a lovely campground that had this bar/cafe at the base of it. We gave into temptation and dined at the camp restaurant under the shade of the 1000 yr old wild olive tree and enjoyed the first of our many, many delicious greek salads.
John - check out this roadside produce stall . . . . . . .
We stopped at Olympia to have a good look around - they still light the olympic torch here prior to each Olympics
Lining up for the 192m dash - Sandy won after using underhand tactics.
Once Carl stopped crying from losing the race he took this photo of the hippodrome . . .