Thursday, August 04, 2005

Family in Sicily

Once we left Scopello we cycled to Marsala and stayed in the summer home of Gilmo's parents.

We had a wonderful visit with Gilmo's Aunt and Uncle and his cousins Gilmo (on the right of this first photo) and Alessandro (spelling?), and our Gilmo's sister Giovanna. We called in after our swim (second photo) at about 1.30 for a granita and we left after lunch and dinner at about 8.30!!!!! We had a wonderful meal (also accompanied for lunch by our Gilmo's parents) and enjoyed some Italian songs (see third photo - Gilmo is doing the actions to one of the songs!) and great fellowship.

While in Marsala we took a bus trip back to Palermo for a good look around. You'll see below what is called the fountain of shame (you might be able to see why) and then a photo from on high of my two favourite cyclists.

The last two photos are back in Marsala - the first is one of the town gates. The second is a classic scene in Sicily - the men sitting around "chewing the fat" - there are no women to be seen in these groups!!!