Sunday, August 21, 2005

Days 93 - 99: From the toe to the instep (foot of Italy)

Both along the Sicilian and Italian South Coast we encountered the Summer Holiday camping crowd! The camp grounds are huge and packed, lots of activity and extremely noisy! The first two photos are of Condofuri Marina beach - very very relaxing! We were here for the long weekend (The Feast of the Assumption) - there was live music and fireworks into the wee small hours - not so refreshing for tired cyclists!

The South Coast of Italy has beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue water. So lunch on the road is always a seaside event (next photo).

The next two photos are of Catanzaro, first looking up to the town and then the next morning looking back down towards it. Here we headed inland through the Sila National Park - we got up to about 1500m around Lake Arvo (next photo) were we stayed at Lorica on the lake edge.

The next day we had a fairly down hill day which got quite steep as we approached Congliano Calabro (Next 3 photos, the third is looking back up at Congliano Calabro and the hills we descended).

The last picture is of a billboard we have seen everywhere throughout Italy - seems that Terrestial TV has gone Digital.