Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Days 64-70: Time out in Tuscany Part I

We are having a lovely time out in Tuscany with Carl's parents - Carl's mama and papa flew into Florence on Sat 16 July and we moved into our villa that afternoon.
We are really enjoying taking day trips in the macchina (car) to Volterra, San Gimignano, Siena . . . Our village Reggello is neat - has a very local feel. Sandy took a gamble and got her hair trimmed today - armed with the correct instructions in Italian from the helpful lady at the Info centre! Didn't want to come out looking like Carl . . . . .
Our villa is surrounded by backyard vines and tree covered hills and we have a friendly cat and dog who come to visit . . . .
The first photo is at Volterra - the Roman Theatre
Next is San Gimignano - one of the 13 towers in this walled city (and hoardes of tourists)
The next 5 are in Siena and the last is a castle we passed in the middle of nowhere on our way home.