Saturday, July 09, 2005

Day 57: Cinque Terre

Due to the rain in Levanto we were able to travel by train to all the seaside villages along the Cinque Terre - meaning 5 Lands. This is a National and Marine Park along the west coast and is a wonderful area. Our good Italian friend Girolamo recommended this to us.

We stopped at 3 of the 5 and each village had a share of the coast - great swimming and lovely water. Here are a selection of photos - this was a GREAT day! We were able to walk between a couple of the villages, but we could have walked from 1-5 if we had the time and inclination!

The great part about being able to travel to them by train is that the next day we rode across the ridge above them . . . the roads down into each village are VERY steep and it would have been quite tricky with the trailer to get up and down even into one of them! See the next blog for pictures from on high. . . .