Saturday, July 02, 2005

Day 49 - 53: Bolzano Area

Again, here is an example of the beautiful villages and apple orchards (and some vineyards not pictured) that we enjoyed en route to Bolzano. We got here on a Fri night so we could watch the Lions test the next morning, and also the first day of the Tour de France.
We don't have a photo, but we visited Otzi - the 5300yr old mummified remains of Otzi anyway.

On Sunday we cycled a quick 50km up to the lovely township of Merano (photos 4-6) just to keep our cycling legs warmed up! When we got back to camp our friends had already arrived!

We met Dick and Betsy in France in 2001 when they flagged us down from a cafe - they too have a tandem. We have kept in touch and they came out from USA to ride in the South Island and stayed with us two years ago. It is great to catch up with them again - they are an inspiration to us. They are in their mid 60s and are cycling in the area for 3 weeks before going rock climbing with their children!! (there are photos on the next web log page)

We spent two days sightseeing with them and catching up and it was just great!

The last two photos were taken when we went high above Bolzano on a gondola ride and enjoyed some spectacular scenery.