Thursday, June 30, 2005

Day 48: To Molveno

As we left Torbole we had a neat bike track to the next town and this castle was perched above us. We were finally getting into some cool mountain territory and so we cool stuff to look at as we cycled.
The third photo is near the top of some switchbacks that we cycled up - there were 9 tornantes as they are called, and it was a good climb.
Photo four is a typical view that we had on this day - lovely villages nestled among and at the foot of the hills. The photo can't really do it justice, but we try!!
Photo five is of one of the tunnels we went through this day - some of the them were short and easy and some were 1km long and very loud and quite dark!!!
You can tell we like to be by the water, because the last two photos are of Molveno where we camped for the night - a really cool ski town - right on the lake. We spoke to a guy here who told us their hail was the size of golf balls and they had dented his car!