Sunday, June 26, 2005

Days 43-44: to Verona

Well the temps have now reached new heights - we have cycled on a 33° day and then a 34° day next day. We are thankful that many of our campgrounds have swimming pools . . . .

We stayed south of Padova and had a wee treat as we headed up a hill near a place called Teolo. There were lots and lots of cyclists at the base of the hill and coming back down the hill and we actually passed one or two going up the hill . . . at the top we stopped for a drink and had a chat with a few of the locals (getting better at our Italian) and found they were all out for a training ride. It was great to talk with them, and they seemed impressed with our set up!!! It was also great to cruise down the other side of the hill that we had ridden up.

We cycled 100km into Verona and upon arrival found that our Romeo and Guiletta campground could still get us tickets to the Opera - we just had to be ready within the hour!! You can see below that we made it in time.
We saw Aida - it started at 9.15 and finished about 1am, and was FANTASTIC.