Friday, June 24, 2005

Days 40-42: Very Nice Venice

Well we finally made it to Venice after a long day of 140km. The first 70km were lovely - riding on tree lined, shady roads with reasonable traffic. The last 30km or so getting into Venice were not so great. For one stretch it was like riding along the motorway in Wellington toward the Hutt Valley and then seeing a sign at the last minute that meant we had to head up the Nauranga Gorge. . . anyway, us and 5 bus loads of Kontiki travellers rocked on in to a great camp ground.

From our tent we could look across the lagoon at the heart of Venice and it was a quick 20min trip by ferry from just outside the camp - very spoilt. Following are a selection of shots that we took - I think we took at least 50 photos in one day!!!! Wes, Nik, Carolyn, Anita, Sandy's folks might recognise some of them. Perhaps not the last one - this was a cruise ship leaving town.

Getting into Venice also brought up our 2200km and only 3 wet days. We have had a continuous run of sunny hot days since our rain in Hèvis. Feeling very fortunate, esp when we get messages from home.