Thursday, June 09, 2005

Days 26-29: Lake Balaton Area (also see note about changes to the website)

We've headed South from Budapest to Lake Balaton, which is apparently the largest lake in Europe. Anyway, we arrived at the North end of Balaton Wednesday afternoon, and soon after setting up camp the rain started (first we've had) and it rained solidly for two days, yesterday we rode in the rain all day - 1o7km to get us to Hévis which is the home of the largest Thermal lake in Europe! So with all the rain we did not see Balaton in it's full glory.
Today we spent the morning swimming (it has stopped raining) in the amazing milky blue-green water of Lake Gyógytó, which bubbles out of the ground at the rate of 80 million litres a day (will post some photos in a few days). The water is slightly radio active and supposed to cure stuff. It was not really hot, about 28C, and 33C in the centre. Anyway we are revitalised for the journey ahead!