Monday, May 09, 2005

Singapore, How we got on with our all our luggage!

Well we had 73kg of luggage and 40kg is the limit really, BUT we got 5kg each complimentary and then Carl got 10kg for Qantas Club, and they waived another 3kg for good measure. So we only had to pay for 10k excess, which is FANTASTIC. And for good measure we were allocated exit row seats on the SYD-SING flight at the front of the plane. AND then tonight at SING we only had to pay for 10kg excess (again) and we get a seat between us on the flight. These are lovely treats for us when we are flying 12 hours. So the last time we took our bike to Europe we shipped our trailer and lots of camping gear separately and it cost us $500, this time we took it with us for the same price!