Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Days 3 to Munderkingen and 4 to Ulm

Yesterday we had a rather cool, but dry 62km to Munderkingen (we stopped riding when the rain started). Today turned out lovely and warmed up a lot. Points of interest today were the town of Blaubeuren (first photo is us outside one of the old buildings at Blaubeuren). And then our destination of Ulm (60km from Munderkingen). Ulm Münster has the highest spire on the world (161m) or 768 steps (all of which we walked) to the viewing platform. Next photo is of the Münster (turn your head 'cos I can't work out how to rotate), third is looking at where I took the photo of the münster, and finally this is the direction we're heading tomorrow following the Danube.